Artsbox is a free and exciting digital platform where children and young people can create digital portfolios to help them achieve their Arts Award.

You can use Artsbox to create a digital portfolio to achieve your Arts Award, and Arts Award advisers can use Artsbox to support young people and assess their progress. The free Artsbox App makes Artsbox even more flexible and easy to use.

What’s good about Artsbox?

Artsbox can help advisers as well and the free app makes Artsbox even more flexible to use. Artsbox helps advisers to:

- share ideas, feedback and assess young people’s Arts Award portfolio work online

- easily track individual and group progress-support young people online

- make evidence collecting fun

Register with Artsbox now and get the young people you work with collecting evidence over the summer months to be in to win. Terms and Conditions apply

To find out more about Arts Award's range of unique qualifications, visit or read young people's magazine

To help you get started, watch a brief ‘How to’ guide here for artist or adviser