Katy Brown

Head of Performing Arts, Hampstead School (Camden)


School website: www.hampsteadschool.org.uk
Email: k.brown@hampsteadschool.org.uk
Twitter: @Ms_Katy_Brown

Main areas of interest and development

I am a successful leader of Performing Arts within a school context and this experience underpins my work as an AND Advocate. I believe that creativity and access to cultural activities within all subjects should be at the core of every school's development plan. Access to the creative industries is vital to a student's development, and distributing these opportunities more widely across all areas of London is essential.

Student experience of culture and their academic achievement is central to my practice and has been demonstrated under my leadership of Performing Arts with outstanding results. As part of my advocacy work, I would relish the opportunity to share my vision, sense of purpose and best practice with other schools, networks and organisations - working towards making a measurable difference to all students' life chances irrespective of their social or educational background.