The London Cultural Education Challenge is alearning programme; our evaluation framework operates at a number of levels.

Action Research across the Challenge programme

We are working with Dawn Langley of Alchemy to undertake action research for the Challenge. The Action Research aspect of the evaluation is grounded in practice - working with partners to understand the stories of their programmes.

Our Action Research question is, ‘How do we achieve a step change in the quality and equity of cultural education for young people in London?’

Within this overriding question, Dawn’s work will comprise three cycles each with a separate question:

Cycle 1 (March 2015-March 2016): ‘How can the Challenge participants (and other cultural education practitioners) be supported to achieve a step change in the delivery of cultural education in London?’

Cycle 2 (March 2016-March 2017): ‘How do we engage others in conversations about the needs and value of cultural education in London beyond the Challenge partners?’

Cycle 3 (March 2017-March 2018): ‘In what way do we continue supporting the cultural education sector to make a difference?’

Dawn will produce a report at the end of each cycle and then a summative piece at the end of the three-year programme.

Monitoring and evaluation of funded programmes

Challenge programmes report to AND quarterly documenting key activity and anticipated changes within programme plans, budgets or match investment levered. Also included is the number of young people and organisation partners involved.

In addition, programmes are asked to submit one longer report annually which draws on progress made that year against anticipated outcomes.

Finally, each Challenge programme is allocated a lead officer at AND. Meetings between AND leads and project partners are a chance to address questions arising from quarterly and annual monitoring reports and pick up on themes across the work emerging.