Challenge podcast

In February 2018 we got together with partners who have taken a lead role in programmes receiving investment through the Challenge. We asked the group to reflect on memorable moments, aspects of which they were most proud, and advice they’d want to pass on to others starting the journey.

This podcast shares thoughts, ideas and top tips from the discussion grouped around three themes: youth engagement, partnership development and advice for those taking a central role.

(Transcript of podcast available here)

With thanks to the following for their contributions:

Alice Mayers, Westway Trust
Caf Fean, Flow Associates
Emma Filtness, Uxbridge College
Izzy Bianchini, Croydon Music and Arts
Jane Hendrie, LEAN
Mahri Reilly, Ovalhouse
Titilola Dawudu, Ovalhouse
Susie Gray, Enable Leisure and Culture
Tiffany Webster, ICA
Victoria Patrick, Barbican Centre

Producer: Rich Jarman