London has secured a world reputation as a cultural powerhouse. Seven out of ten visitors to London say culture is the reason they chose to come to the city. But, despite this global position, not all London's young people benefit from access to culture.

There are huge inequalities affecting young Londoners cultural engagement:

  • Two in five of children from the poorest homes are read to every day compared to nearly four in five of those from the richest families
  • Pupils qualifying for Free School Meals are less likely to take part in all forms of arts activity and 12% less likely to take part in an after-school clubs than their peers
  • Young people from lower income families are far more likely to have their first experience of the arts through school rather than at home (46% - 30% respectively).

These are just some of the challenges, we know that there is inequality between inner and outer London; that young people often feel alienated by mainstream culture and this is set against a backdrop of huge change in communities driven by population growth and anxiety about youth unemployment.

Cultural Education Challenge partners will work together to address these inequalities collectively for the first time