Responses to Cultural Capital research

Our Cultural Capital research is a starting point for a wider discussion with the cultural and the formal/informal education sector about what can be done to ensure that young people from all socio-economic backgrounds have access to arts and culture. Below are some of the responses we have received so far.

The freedom to be yourself - Becky Swain

If you are passionate about equity of access to the best arts and culture for all young people across London, regardless of background or economic circumstances, then have a look at A New Direction’s Cultural Capital research.

Download The freedom to be yourself (Becky Swain)

A pause for thought - Rys Farthing

It’s always heartening to participate in new conversations about what childhood disadvantage and poverty might mean in different contexts, especially when some of the voices are not from “the usual suspects”. It’s very welcome turn, then, to see AND, and the ‘arts and culture industry’ more broadly, turn their gaze to explore the impact of poverty and disadvantage on young people’s cultural engagements in London.

Download A pause for thought (Rys Farthing)

Cultural Capital Film - A chat with Lara and Stella

Lara Stavrinou, programme manager for A New Direction’s Strong Voices and Stella Barnes, Ovalhouse’s Participation Director discuss why A New Direction’s research is interesting and relevant to their programmes with vulnerable and disadvantaged young people and what should be done to ensure fair access and cultural capital.

How to get involved in the conversation?