Get involved in the conversation

To help unpack the issues around our Cultural Capital research, we are opening up a space for debate and inquiry which will culminate in a conference on 17 March 2015.

The three main questions we want to explore are:

  • What’s going on in terms of engagement? Do we know which children and young people are not engaging in arts and culture and why?
  • Why does it matter? What is the impact of zero or limited engagement and is it significant?
  • What could be done to change the picture and whose responsibility is this?

We would welcome suggestions of existing research which is relevant to this inquiry as well as contributions to the debate and ideas for blogs and other forms of discussion.

We are inviting comments from parents, young people, cultural organisations, academics, those working in education etc, which help contribute ideas for further research, for campaigns and action that can help build more equal access to the arts and culture for all children young people in London.

If you would like to contribute to the discussion, email us or tweet via the hashtag #ANDCulturalCapital