Transition Fund

A new fund for places to consolidate and sustain their partnerships

After four years of successful investments, Challenge London – A New Direction’s partnership investment fund from 2018-22 – will end in July 2022. We envisage that the legacy of Challenge London will be a network of self-assured, sustainable partnerships, and our focus for 2022/23 will be on maximising the impact of established local partnerships and helping secure the sustainability of strong work developed across London. To achieve this, A New Direction’s Transition Fund will be launched in March for our final year of investment in strategic place-based partnerships.

Our Transition Fund comprises £225,000 to invest in continuation grants (up to £15,000) for places to consolidate and sustain their partnerships. This fund will primarily target ongoing support for places currently receiving partnership investment through Challenge London or established Cultural Education Partnerships currently resourcing their work through other means.

Two key findings from our recent research and evaluation on place-based working suggest first the importance of investing in local cultural leadership, and second, ensuring the longevity of investment towards sustainability. We have learnt that the combination of strong local leadership, improved organisational connections and a clear and common vision and case for change is powerful. We have also learnt the importance of taking a long-term view and giving place-based programmes time to breathe and grow.

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Applications for this fund have now closed

Applicants will be informed of decisions by Monday 25 April.

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