A timeline of our highlights and achievements

  1. AND Advocates programme launches

    AND Advocates programme launches

    Rachel Moss, AND Advocates Facilitator, recaps on the launch of this year’s cohort of AND Advocates.

  2. Small Change programme comes to an end

    Small Change programme comes to an end

    Dawn Langley talks us through the principles behind Small Change®, and tells us about the pilot programme run in partnership with A New Direction

  3. Children take over City Hall as ‘Mayor for the Day’

    Mayor for the Day at City Hall

    Throughout November, over 250 schoolchildren from 8 schools across the capital were challenged with considering how they would make London a better place

  4. #LifeHacks comes to life for a second year

    #LifeHacks comes to life for a second year

    Create Jobs partnered with NME and the University of Salford to deliver another sold out event.

  5. Culture, Creativity & Narrowing the gap

    Culture, Creativity & Narrowing the gap

    In October, A New Direction launched a series of case studies exploring how secondary schools are aligning their narrowing the gap strategy with providing opportunities for students to engage with arts and culture.

  6. Artsmark Toolkit

    Launch of AND's Artsmark Toolkit

    Tips for completing your Artsmark Statement of Commitment

  7. Schools Conference 2017

    Schools Conference 2017

    On 10 October, we welcomed over 150 teachers and cultural educators to our annual conference at the British Library

  8. Caring for Cultural Freedom

    Caring for Cultural Freedom

    In September, we launched 'Caring for Cultural Freedom: An Ecological Approach to Young People’s Cultural Learning' - A New Direction’ research exploring how cultural learning happens in a place and how it can best be supported.

  9. Young challenge group visit Arts Council England

    How do you squeeze creativity into a box on a page?

    In August, our Young Challenge Group recently got the chance to visit Arts Council England and ask the questions which mattered to them.

  10. The London pilot of Cultural Citizens comes to an end

    Cultural Citizens comes to an end

    Announced as a key proposal from the Culture White Paper in 2016, the London pilot of the programme came to an end after 6 months of work

  11. Cultural Learning Community Yearbook 2016/17

    Cultural Learning Community Yearbook 2016/17

    This Yearbook highlights the discussions, questions, activity and perspective generated by A New Direction’s 2016-17 Cultural Learning Community

  12. Arts Council England confirms funding for A New Direction 2018-22

    AND receive Arts Council funding

    Our Chief Executive, Steve Moffitt, and Chair Professor Maggie Atkinson responded to the National Portfolio funding announcement.

  13. London schools talk Artsmark

    London schools talk Artsmark

    We interviewed Artsmark awarded schools to find out more about their experience.

  14. Reflections on Arts Award Local Area Networks in 2016-17

    A timeline of our highlights and achievements

    In 2015/16 A New Direction launched Arts Award Local Area Networks, enabling Arts Award Advisers, Centres and Supporters to come together, learn from each other and develop new opportunities for young people.

  15. ANDtogether connection: Ben Uri & International Academy of Greenwich

    ANDTogether connection made between org and school

    Katie & Georgina from Ben Uri Gallery tell us about working with students from the International Academy of Greenwich after the school made contact via ANDtogether

  16. Arts Award Data Analysis 2016/17

    Arts Award Data Analysis 2016/17

    We put together top priorities and recommendations based on a full analysis of Arts Award in London

  17. Cultural Citizens Programme visits Royal Opera House

    First Cultural Citizens trip

    The first trip as part of the Cultural Citizens programme saw 250 young people take part in workshops and performances

  18. ANDInclusive @ Tate Exchange

    ANDInclusive @ Tate Exchange

    For four days in March 2017, A New Direction’s Special School network took over the Tate Exchange, together with Studio Wayne McGregor.

  19. New London Cultural Education Challenge projects announced

    New London Cultural Education Challenge projects announced

    In March 2017 we published information about five new investments through our London Cultural Education Challenge

  20. Watch a fantastic short film by our Creativity Works alumni

    Watch a fantastic short film by our Creativity Works alumni

    Dilek Osman, Creativity Works Film alumni, tells us how she helped create 'Common'

  21. 1m children benefit from Artsmark since 2015 relaunch

    Artsmark passes milestone

    The figure was drawn from pupil census data from over 2,500 schools who have registered for Artsmark since October 2015

  22. Interactive Connected London map

    Launch of interactive Connected London map

    In January 2017 we launched an interactive map visualising our partnership work

  23. Bridge School reflects on Artsmark

    Bridge School reflects on Artsmark

    Ryan McCelland celebrates his school achieving a Platinum Artsmark Award, and tells us more about their Artsmark journey.

  24. NPO Goal 5 Information Sessions

    NPO Goal 5 Information Sessions

    Information for organisations applying to Arts Council England for National Portfolio investment

  25. Cultural Citizens pilot launch

    Cultural Citizens pilot launch

    70 young people from the London borough of Barking and Dagenham joined some of London’s leading arts and cultural organisations at the Barbican for the launch of the programme.

  26. The Cultural (Re)Generation

    The Cultural (Re)Generation

    Building Creative Places for Young London

  27. Schools INSET programme 2016

    INSET programme 2016

    We ran 5 free INSET sessions across the 2015/16 academic year as part of our CPD programme for teachers

  28. NME #LifeHacks

    NME #Lifehacks

    Create Jobs held a creative careers event with 400 young people, in partnership with NME.

  29. A Shopping List for a Creative Childhood

    Conkers AND more conkers!

    An AND commissioned poem, produced at our Creative Childhood Conference

  30. The Creative Childhood Conference

    The Creative Childhood Conference

    Education and culture working together.

  31. London Curriculum Children’s Festival

    London Curriculum Children’s Festival

    500 primary schoolchildren attended the interactive festival at City Hall.

  32. Artsmark & Virtual Schools

    Artsmark & Virtual Schools

    A New Direction led a national consultation for Artsmark Award in virtual schools

  33. SEN Research

    SEN Research

    Arts & Cultural Provision for Special Educational Needs Learners in London

  34. Creative Skills initiative wraps up

    323 placements through Creative Skills Initiative

    In 2015-16 we delivered 102 placements as part of the Creative Skills Initiative.

  35. Catalyst Evolve Funding

    Catalyst Evolve Funding

    A New Direction was awarded £101k Catalyst funding by Arts Council England to support our Create Jobs programme

  36. First new Artsmark Award in London

    First Platinum Artsmark Award in London

    In July 2016, Invicta Primary School in Greenwich became the first school in London to be awarded the new Artsmark Award in London.

  37. SEND Network 2016

    SEND Network 2016

    15 teachers from a variety of special educational needs settings made up the 2016 cohort of our SEND Network

  38. Arts Award Data Analysis 2015/16

    Arts Award 2015/16

    We put together top priorities and recommendations based on a full analysis of Arts Award in London

  39. Creative Ecosystems

    Creative Ecosystems

    New Approaches to the Cultural Learning Ecology

  40. Arts Award 10th birthday

    Arts Award 10th birthday

    We were honoured to be the first ever group to use the Tate Exchange space to host a celebration of 10 years of Arts Award.

  41. Launch of Camden Spark

    Launch of Camden Spark

    Camden's Cultural Education Partnership launched on 13 June 2016 at the Wellcome Collection.

  42. AND secures Paul Hamlyn funding for new creative schools programme

    Paul Hamlyn funding

    A New Direction secures £300,000 from Paul Hamlyn Foundation for ‘My Creative School’ programme

  43. A Strange Kind of Beauty

    Poem and animation

    Poem and animation commissioned by A New Direction

  44. Create Jobs

    Create Jobs

    In 2015/16 we recorded 439 positive outcomes through our Create Jobs creative employment programme

  45. 1,500 young people...

    A timeline of our highlights and achievements

    Over 1,500 young people have engaged in the London Cultural Education Challenge in its first year

  46. Creativity Works: Fashion graduation

    Creativity Works: Fashion graduation

    The Creativity Works: Fashion participants celebrated their graduation from the programme at The Machine Rooms with the launch of a collection of pieces they had curated and made.

  47. Arts, Culture & Creativity in the Early Years

    Arts, Culture & Creativity in the Early Years

    Advocacy materials, evidence & research.

  48. Professor Maggie Atkinson starts blog series for TES

    Professor Maggie Atkinson in TES

    Our Chair, Professor Maggie Atkinson was asked to be a regular contributor on creativity, arts and cultural education for the TES

  49. Annual Review 2015

    Annual Review 2015

    We launched our 2015 annual review with a celebratory event at the House of Lords

  50. Our Chair talks cultural education on London Live

    Our Chair talks to London Live

    Professor Maggie Atkinson joined Luke Blackall in the London Live studio for the Headline Interview on 11 January 2016

  51. RBS Skills and Opportunities Fund

    RBS Skills and Opportunities Fund

    AND awarded £35k funding for Create Jobs

  52. Cultural education a human right, Maggie Atkinson tells teachers

    Cultural Education a human right

    Cultural Education is a human right says Professor Maggie Atkinson, as she challenges mayoral candidates to address gaps between rich and poor

  53. Teachers' Toolkit

    Teachers' Toolkit

    Resource created to help teachers more effectively use the arts and cultural education as a critical component of a balanced, exciting curriculum

  54. London Cultural Education Challenge Programme announcements

    180 partners set off on London Cultural Education Challenge

    Linked with the national cultural education challenge – bringing partners together to create a significant shift in cultural education in London.

  55. Creativity Works: Festivals 2015

    The big trip to Glastonbury

    The big trip to Glastonbury

  56. ANDtogether launches


    After extensive development in Beta phase, we were pleased to launch the full site and invite organisations to create a profile

  57. Young Challenge Group convene

    Young Challenge group convene

    Ten young Londoners meet for the first time to advise on the London Cultural Education Challenge

  58. Disadvantage and cultural engagement

    Cultural Capital research and conference

    Highlights from our research into disadvantage and cultural engagement, and an overview of the Cultural Capital Conference on 17 March 2015