Disadvantage and cultural engagement

Highlights from our research into disadvantage and cultural engagement, and an overview of the Cultural Capital Conference on 17 March 2015

On March 17th, the Goldsmith Centre in Farringdon opened its doors to host A New Direction’s Cultural Capital Conference. The event was an opportunity for AND to finally bring together a series of seemingly disparate, yet deeply interconnected pieces of work.

In very practical terms it was a chance for us to crystallise the learning from our Strong Voices programme and air some ‘hot off the press’ results from our Cultural Capital Qualitative research.

More generally, however, it was an opportunity for AND to finally give voice to a discourse that has been so fundamental to our mission in the past few months, ever present in our internal discussions and yet quite difficult to articulate in a cohesive way – that of the impact of disadvantage on access to and engagement with arts and culture.


17 March 2015


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