Arts, Culture & Creativity in the Early Years

Advocacy materials, evidence & research.

As part of a broader piece of A New Direction research on Early Years, arts, culture and creativity in London, we commissioned the creative teaching and training network Earlyarts to produce a summary of high-quality resources available to support the cultural education workforce with advocating for the importance of their work with early years.

The resources were selected based on a range of criteria, including:

  • Advocacy underpinned by early childhood research, and specific to the early learning domain (older age-group arts education advocacy resources are shown separately).
  • Reflects established theories of early childhood development, early brain development, appropriate practice, and appropriate learning environments.
  • Balance of practical as well as theoretical to ensure broad as well as deep understanding.
  • Selection of best practice approaches from the international community.
  • Applicable across different art forms or cultural practices.


1 March 2016


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