ANDtogether launches

After extensive development in Beta phase, we were pleased to launch the full site and invite organisations to create a profile

Through our ongoing conversations and consultations with teachers, time and again the idea of an ‘online space’ that channelled and signposted teachers to new opportunities and partners, and in turn helped arts and cultural organisations market their offer to a wider audience of teachers and schools, kept coming up.

This lead us to begin developing ANDtogether - a platform for London teachers and schools to connect with organisations across London's vibrant arts and cultural sector.

The site shares opportunities and news via the #ANDtogetherLDN hashtag and The Index - a searchable showcase of around 600 London arts & cultural organisations (and growing).

Teachers can use the site and hashtag to source partners and opportunities, and organisations can build a free profile from which to promote their work to London schools.


19 May 2015


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